Writing a Cover Letter for Different Scenarios

Published: 08th April 2010
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Just think of a cover letter that is so effective that your response rate is almost 3 out of 5 prospective employers. Does it sound impossible? Definitely not! It would only take the right cover letter for the right scenario. There are several scenarios where writing a cover letter is needed. Below, you will learn when to include your cover letter and what kind of letter you should send for a particular person or company.

When to Include Your Cover Letter?

Basically, cover letters are paired with the resume to make it appear more professional. It is a letter of introduction that briefly explains the purpose of submitting the said document. Without it, the reader would think less of the documents you had presented. Passing your resume with cover letter also boosts your opportunity to market yourself. You can enhance your marketability by spotlighting your skills and experience on your cover letter.

A letter is included strictly to improve your chances of being interviewed. It should be well shown in a way that it is convincing enough to get your resume read. When you send a resume to recruitment agencies when you are inquiring for a job vacancy, and when applying for jobs from an advertisement, you are encouraged to submit a cover letter. In the letter, you can let the recruiter know what kind of job you are searching for and you can inquire for possible vacancies. Typically, when applying for jobs found in advertisements, you can either send a cover letter or not. This depends on the request of the employer. Generally, you should submit one.

Cover Letters for Recruiters

Today, there are a lot of companies that offer ways for you to find a job. Recruitment agencies can help you find the job that fits perfectly for you based on your personality, character, intellect, and so on. In this case, your cover letter should state what particular jobs you are searching for. This way the process of searching for the right work for you is much easier and convenient. A cover letter for recruitment agencies should be carefully articulated. Set your desired career goals and your probability to get an interview is greater than anyone else.

Cover Letters for Enquiry

There are instances that you will not have an idea if there is a vacant slot for you in the company you are involved in. This cover letter is almost similar to cover letters for recruitment agencies. The main difference is that you are marketing yourself directly to the company rather than through a third party. The advantages are: you may get more feedback and you can reduce costs to recruiters. To be able to get results, you should be direct as possible. In this cover letter, you should tell what kind of chores you are capable of doing efficiently.

Cover Letters in Response to Advertisements

These cover letters include the reason why you are the right person for the position. Technically, you need to match it with the information in the job description. You should integrate experience and skills that are relevant to the position and companies. However since cover letters are suggested to be written briefly, the details of your pertinent skills and experience should be integrated in your resume and not in your cover letter. A broad cover letter is not efficient anymore. So, if you want to be competitive, establish a custom or personalized letter.

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