4 Types of Second Interview Questions You Gotta Know

Published: 29th January 2010
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Basically, in every professional job position there are different interview questions. If you are applying for an administrative position, you should be aware that there is a long list of possible administrative interview questions. Administrative interview questions are sorted into different groups and are primarily aimed at finding the right candidate for the position. Since the administrator is expected to carry a lot of tasks, the screening for this kind of job may take several steps and may involve numerous, if not all administrative interview questions.

For initial screening in some schools, preliminary administrative interview questions are asked. One question that may arise is "why do you want to be considered for the job position?". You should answer this question honestly and with confidence, this question may be your qualification for a second interview.

After passing the initial screening, there are more administrative interview questions that you will encounter. These administrative questions are usually grouped into eight concentrations in order to analyze a candidate's competence and qualifications. Below is a list of the main concentrations that administrative questions are often grouped.

· Background and Past Experience. A common administrative interview question that helps the interviewer determine an applicant's past experience is "tell me about yourself". In answering this question, it is important that your answers are related to the position you are applying for, whether it is for a principal or a dean position. You should also highlight your positive qualities and emphasize your strengths.

· Student Relationship. Your relationship towards your students can be determined by the knowledge you have of your students' traits and character. As an administrator, it is crucial that you have a positive influence on your students' lives. The administrative interview questions for this take on how much you know about your past students and what you expect from students in the school you are applying for.

· Leadership. Most administrative interview questions want to bring out how many leadership skills you have. You should have contributed special development in your previous campus, and should use this in the application process for this job. In addition, prepare yourself for administrative interview questions such as "what is your leadership style?"

· Handling Situation. Most hiring managers want an administrator with vision. Therefore, some administrative interview questions will try to bring out your ability to handle a situation by proposing a hypothetical situation for you to answer. In addition, they will try to determine if you can handle difficult situations such as angry parents, and tough students.

· School and Community Development. A good administrator has the ability to boost staff morale; he or she also contributes and facilitates collegiate support. Because of this, be prepared for administrative interview questions related to this issue. Are you capable in dealing with disciplinary problems? Are you able to encourage and support your colleagues? What do you expect from the parents of the students?

Be aware that these administrative interview questions differ from campus to campus, but the basic interview tips still apply. When answering the administrative interview questions be sure to respond confidently and professionally, use eye contact and appropriate nonverbal communication. A good tip is to know your interviewer before the interview and be familiar with the campus and the student body. By following these administrative interview tips you are sure to be prepared for your interview and make a positive impression on the interviewer.

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